standard How Reacting to “The Details” Wrecks Your Goals

Imagine driving a car while staring only at what’s immediately in front of your eyes—not more than three feet in front of your bumper. You jerk the wheel ever so slightly to the left and then to the right trying to adjust to the little shifts in the road coming at you 65 miles per […]

standard The Danger of Thinking the Possible, Impossible

Ever decided against doing something big or meaningful because a “what-if” thought convinced you it would never work? If your answer is yes, you’re not alone. For instance, early in my speaking career a mentor of mine, Brian Copeland, used to forward me applications to speak at different real estate conferences. I would always apply, […]

standard Scenes from an Italian Restaurant: a lesson in sales

Years ago, I served tables at a bustling Italian Restaurant. The weekends were especially crazy. Greeting tables, taking orders, making change for a $100—it was total hysteria. I remember they used to have us shout “Corner!” whenever we approached a crossing to prevent staff with hands full of plates or drinks from crashing into one […]

standard If Me, Then Results: How Oversimplified Marketing Can Undermine Your Real Estate Business

Recently, I started thinking about things that look easy but are, in fact, deceptively challenging. For example, what about those 30-second clips on HGTV or DIY that attempt to teach viewers how to perform at-home projects such as installing a grout-tile shower “in only three simple steps”—like it’s ever that easy. You watch the clip, […]

standard What Modern Real Estate Consumers Want

Modern consumers want to help themselves. According to Forrester research, by the year 2020, the customer will manage 85% of a relationship with an enterprise without interacting with a human—which is nuts, right? In the real estate industry, for instance, how might this affect us? Can you imagine being hands-off with your clients 85% of […]

standard Show Your Customers What “Good” Looks Like

Consumers no longer compare your business only with its competitors. The PA Consulting Group put it perfectly: “Your customers compare your performance with their insurance company, their supermarket, their holiday company. If one company exceeds the customer’s benchmark of what ‘good looks like,’ they will expect the same from you.” Of course, this statement is […]

standard One Simple Step to Convert Open House Leads into Appointments

In a recent keynote speech, Gary Vaynerchuk asked, “How many people are mad when another human being calls them?” Nearly half of a room seated for 700 raised their hands, thus confirming that they often experience feelings of frustration literally anytime the phone rings. In a brazen tone, Vaynerchuk continued, declaring “You’re mad because you […]

standard How I Gained Perspective Driving Down a Turnpike

According to 24/7 Wall St., the top ten cities with the worst traffic are, in descending order: 10. Riverside-San Bernardino, CA 09. Houston, TX 08. Chicago, IL-IN 07. Seattle, WA 06. Boston, MA-NH-RI 05. San Jose, CA 04. New York-Newark, NY-NJ-CT 03. San Francisco-Oakland, CA 02. Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim, CA 01. Washington DC-VA-MD Urban traffic […]

standard The More Specific, the More Authentic; the More Recent, the More Relevant.

The Science of Creating Useful Online Content: Do you remember the website from back in the 90’s, Ask Jeeves—the one with the animated butler character (not the Grey Poupon mustard guy, to be clear)? Well, it’s just now—but let’s be realistic, like anyone cares. In retrospect, however, I think they might have been onto something: answering questions. In fact, […]

standard Creating Content Today for Your Customers Tomorrow

Content marketing is not a buzzword, a fad, or a relic of the past. To the contrary, it is your present—your future, even. I learned, recently, according to Business-2-Community, that 61% of consumers feel not only better about a business that delivers custom (that is, original) content, but they are also more likely to buy […]