Debra Trappen | CEO/Owner, d11 says…

Jason and I have worked together on several events for Coldwell Banker. His passion for educating real estate professionals shines through and makes it an honor to recommend him. As my event/speaker contact, he is always fierce about his attention to detail, consistent communication and tenacious follow thru. This truly makes working with him a DREAM. As a speaker, his style is relaxed, confident and brilliantly ‘call-to-action’ oriented. (I found myself taking notes from behind the stage!) If you have the opportunity to partner with Jason, or hire him to speak at your next event, don’t hesitate.


Rick Harris | Coldwell Banker Pro West Ashland, Principal Broker says…

“Smart.  Engaged.  Connected. That’s what I thought when I first heard Jason Pantana.  Jason is a bright new face speaking on Realtor issues, a practitioner whose understanding of both people and technology make him an ideal spokesman for our changing industry. He has a relaxed, easy going style, but his insights into the industry are detailed and razor sharp.  I was challenged and excited and hopeful by what I learned from Jason Pantana, and you will be too.  You’ve got to hear this guy!”


Donna Wood | Greater Nashville Association of REALTORS®, Education Director says…

Jason is very genuine and brings a lot of realism and practical thinking to his courses. He really connected with our members and I’m confident that those who apply his experience-based tips will improve their performance. I would encourage any organization to consider Jason if they’re committed to continuous improvement and developing their members.”


Karen Lowe | Eastern Middle Tennessee Association of REALTORS®, Association Executive says…

“Jason Pantana is the most exceptional instructor that we have had in a while. He is a practicing REALTOR®, therefore he knows how to relate to his audience, our members. Jason is very detailed in his presentations, and the attendees go away with helpful information, that in turn, will help them in their daily professional lives.”


Elizabeth Mendenhall | National Association of REALTORS®, 2012 Strategic Planning Committee Chair says…

“In Jason’s role as a facilitator at the National Association of REALTORS REThink Event, he was believable, relatable, grasped complex material and made it understandable to a large and diverse audience.  He represents the face of many new REALTORS ready to lead in our industry and association.”


Bobbie Noreen | Village Real Estate Services, V.P. of Broker Services, Principal Broker says…

“The ability to teach, to share knowledge, as well as keeping the student engaged, is an art. Jason Pantana is one such trainer, that has, and continues to be, in high demand because he has mastered this art. I have come to rely on Jason to deliver an excellent, well thought out, polished, and visually dynamic program no matter what the topic. His technological talent makes him the best choice for any company or individual wanting improve their  skills and grow into the future.”


Brian Copeland | Village Real Estate Services, Chief of Broker Services says…

“When I first saw Jason speak, I was floored. His confidence, knowledge and delivery-style amazed me; so much, in fact, that I started referring some of my speaking gigs to him. Every time he speaks for someone and they report back to me, the consistent message back from the client is,“You said he was great, but we had no clue what an understatement that was.” Jason consistently fills up classrooms at our local brokerage and has been known to have a line of people looking for advice. He’s always willing to help and facilitate. Jason is a class-act in every facet of the instruction world, from content-creation to delivery to implementation.”

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Jason Pantana - Smarter Business PORTRAITJason Pantana guides real estate professionals through current and emerging trends in consumer behavior, sales, online marketing, and entrepreneurship.

Whether speaking at a national conference or coaching one-on-one, Jason arms audiences and clients with insight and ingenuity to build a smarter business.

His energetic style of delivery and perceptive outlook inspire his audiences to reach their highest and best potential. To invite Jason to speak, visit: www.JasonPantana.com/Contact