Coldwell_Banker-CES-PantanaI’ll guarantee it: take the [exhausting] walk through the exhibitor halls of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and you’ll conclude the same as me—design matters! From floor to ceiling, CES is covered with exquisite marvels sure to leave you dazzled. I was struck by the stylishness of 4K, curved television monitors, stunning smart appliances, chic app interfaces, and wearable accessories one would actually feel confident wearing! It seems evident to me, any hardware, software, or electronic worth its keep better be dressed to impress.

Success, for any business, is earned by creating exceptional customer experiences. However, think about the many things which might shape the overall impression a customer has of your real estate business: the accessibility and design of your website, the appearance of your business card, or the layout of property fliers, for instance. These days, the visual experience you provide to customers sets the stage for the exceptional services you ultimately perform.

So get prepared, today’s consumers are being conditioned by tech giants like Samsung, LG, Fitbit, Apple, Nest, and countless others beyond just the tech industry to associate expectations for a given product (or service) by the quality of its visual stature. It’s not shallow—simply consider the sheer volume of choices consumers (ourselves included) face these days when enlisting a product or service to perform a needed task. It’s overwhelming!

In his TED Talk titled, “How to get your ideas to spread,” Seth Godin said, “In a world where we have too many choices and too little time, the obvious thing to do is just ignore stuff.” Filtering out those products or services which aren’t visually stirring is simply a device performed by consumers to manage the selection process. So here, perhaps, is the wisdom to gain from the deducible design strategies of CES’s top tech innovators: make sure your visual materials are enthralling to consumers.

Here are some materials you may want to evaluate:

  1. Your listing presentation;
  2. Property photos, videos, and copy;
  3. Your personal website;
  4. Your business card;
  5. Fliers and brochures;
  6. Personal photos and videos;
  7. eMarketing materials (e.g., a newsletter);
  8. Web profile pages.


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