standard 3 Free Tools to Enhance your Listing Presentation

Communicating an idea is a prerequisite for any profession. Often enough, this communication occurs by way of delivering a presentation. Some presentations may happen in front of large groups, others might take place in more private settings. In my experience, I’ve found a couple truths. First, understand what you’re being asked to present, and second, […]

standard 4 Services Sellers Demand that Can’t Be Guaranteed

In this business, trust and expertise are interdependent. The basis of the client-relationship, that is, the exchange of value, is the agent’s ability to assist the client in achieving his/her goal(s). However, without trust, what amount of confidence does the client actually place in the agent’s expertise? Very little, most likely. Genuine acts of service, […]

standard Get Beyond Service. Build Trust!

In “The Startup School” podcast by Seth Godin, he tells real estate agents not to spend money on balloons or tiny metal folding signs to place on street corners. Instead, he urges agents to work hard to become part of a community and provide value for that community. There’s no shortage of people, he says, […]

standard Process, Not Product

From what I’ve seen, real estate agents are conduits of complex processes—at least in theory. Property transactions tend to dart off in all directions—financing, logistics, insurance, inspections, comparative analysis, it goes on and on. In this context, real estate agents fulfill a real consumer need. However, it’s been known to get “lost in translation” when […]

standard Don’t Eat Raw Cookie Dough

Any project, initiative, or venture will yield better results if one first takes the time to appreciate its inner workings—the theory behind it. Too often we leap into action with only fragmented bits of knowledge, and by so doing, miss some critical steps. This tendency can be attributed, at least in part, to a low […]

standard 4 Lessons REThink Taught Me

REThink: The Future of Real Estate embarked on an unprecedented journey to reach thousands of REALTORS® and industry partners: to engage in a conversation about where things are headed and how we (REALTORS® and other industry partners) might fit into the future. If you’re not familiar with this particular event, REThink was launched by the […]