standard Creating Content Today for Your Customers Tomorrow

Content marketing is not a buzzword, a fad, or a relic of the past. To the contrary, it is your present—your future, even. I learned, recently, according to Business-2-Community, that 61% of consumers feel not only better about a business that delivers custom (that is, original) content, but they are also more likely to buy […]

standard Check Your Title at the Door, Please: 3 Ideas to Strengthen the Commitment of your Real Estate Team

In the book Creativity, Inc., its author, Ed Catmull, who co-founded Pixar Animation Studios alongside Steve Jobs, said he once requested that a long, rectangular conference table at Pixar be replaced with a fat, square one. In the book, he stated that he had this done to quash a growing sense of hierarchy in the conference room, and by extension, […]

standard Filling the Forgotten Potholes in Your Business

West down Observer Hwy. left on to Monroe St., right on to Newark Ave., pass around the bend, merge and pass through the light, apply brakes, swerve left — dodge enormous pothole — swerve right, take turnpike exit, and onward… Five days a week, unless I’m traveling, this is my “pre-turnpike” route to the office, […]

standard How Benchmarks Might Be Holding Back Your Business

Tony Robbins said, “The single greatest force in the human personality is its need to remain consistent with how it defines itself.” I think he’s right—that we are prepared to take any and all measures to ensure we reach or obtain our minimum standards. For instance, if you regard yourself as an A student and […]

standard 6 Techniques and Features for Using Dropbox to Run a More Efficient Real Estate Business

If you asked me to stop using Dropbox, I’d probably laugh at you. Seriously, it’s been an amazing tool to keep me organized in my day-to-day operations. In this post, I’ll share six ways I’m using Dropbox to enhance my business and keep moving forward in the context of an increasingly digital world. If you’re not […]

standard 5 Apps to Amplify Learning

Leonardo Da Vinci said, “Study without desire spoils the memory, and it retains nothing it takes in.” Growing up, I don’t recall having had too much of an interest in school. While there were some subjects or teachers that peaked my curiosity, I was pretty well guided by my own interests—namely the guitar. In fact, […]

standard The Efficacy of Efficiency

It is dangerous to assume what is true today will be true tomorrow. Consider a business process or system you’ve seen in the past—any system will do. If you look at it closely, you’ll realize that system is simply a response to manage a given set of conditions. So, if the conditions change, shouldn’t the system […]

standard Process, Not Product

From what I’ve seen, real estate agents are conduits of complex processes—at least in theory. Property transactions tend to dart off in all directions—financing, logistics, insurance, inspections, comparative analysis, it goes on and on. In this context, real estate agents fulfill a real consumer need. However, it’s been known to get “lost in translation” when […]