standard Filling the Forgotten Potholes in Your Business

West down Observer Hwy. left on to Monroe St., right on to Newark Ave., pass around the bend, merge and pass through the light, apply brakes, swerve left — dodge enormous pothole — swerve right, take turnpike exit, and onward… Five days a week, unless I’m traveling, this is my “pre-turnpike” route to the office, […]

standard 3 Free Tools to Enhance your Listing Presentation

Communicating an idea is a prerequisite for any profession. Often enough, this communication occurs by way of delivering a presentation. Some presentations may happen in front of large groups, others might take place in more private settings. In my experience, I’ve found a couple truths. First, understand what you’re being asked to present, and second, […]

standard 4 Services Sellers Demand that Can’t Be Guaranteed

In this business, trust and expertise are interdependent. The basis of the client-relationship, that is, the exchange of value, is the agent’s ability to assist the client in achieving his/her goal(s). However, without trust, what amount of confidence does the client actually place in the agent’s expertise? Very little, most likely. Genuine acts of service, […]