Imagine driving a car while staring only at what’s immediately in front of your eyes—not more than three feet in front of your bumper. You jerk the wheel ever so slightly to the left and then to the right trying to adjust to the little shifts in the road coming at you 65 miles per hour. But that’s not how you drive, is it?

As a boy, I used to watch my dad drive the family car and think that’s what he was doing. Like he was literally concentrating on each and every dashed line disappearing under the hood of our car one after the next. I learned, of course, he was actually looking into the distance to prepare for what was lying ahead. By the time we would reach that portion of the road, he was ready to make the necessary adjustment. He took in the wide view.

Goals are like that too. If you don’t look ahead, down the road at what you truly want, you’ll end up making real-time decisions that can leave you swerving left and right, reacting to every detail. To the contrary, if your objective is clear and if you understand the greater purpose of that objective, those little decisions fall in line, don’t they? The ride is much smoother.

Ultimately, if you don’t have a good reason for why you’re working yourself so hard…

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… why you’re tolerating the unremitting challenges of growing a business, building a team, getting physically fit, earning your degree, raising a family, fostering a relationship, or whatever it may be—there’s nothing stopping you from quitting or settling when you face seemingly impossible odds. If you have a good enough reason though—if you’re committed to a certain end result, come hell or high-water—you’ll do whatever it takes.

I like how Bill Pipes said it:  “When your why is big enough, the how always shows up.” It’s a simple truth. When you open your eyes to the wide view, your decisions, your activities, and your priorities will naturally steer you on the road to your goal.

Photo by the talented, Peter de Wit

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