standard 6 Techniques and Features for Using Dropbox to Run a More Efficient Real Estate Business

If you asked me to stop using Dropbox, I’d probably laugh at you. Seriously, it’s been an amazing tool to keep me organized in my day-to-day operations. In this post, I’ll share six ways I’m using Dropbox to enhance my business and keep moving forward in the context of an increasingly digital world. If you’re not […]

standard 3 Free Tools to Enhance your Listing Presentation

Communicating an idea is a prerequisite for any profession. Often enough, this communication occurs by way of delivering a presentation. Some presentations may happen in front of large groups, others might take place in more private settings. In my experience, I’ve found a couple truths. First, understand what you’re being asked to present, and second, […]

standard 5 Apps to Amplify Learning

Leonardo Da Vinci said, “Study without desire spoils the memory, and it retains nothing it takes in.” Growing up, I don’t recall having had too much of an interest in school. While there were some subjects or teachers that peaked my curiosity, I was pretty well guided by my own interests—namely the guitar. In fact, […]

standard 5 Tips for Using Evernote to Run Your Real Estate Business

I’m sure everyone’s noticed that the app world is inundated with selections and has been for some time now. Some are good, some not so good, and some are unquestionably great. Take Evernote for instance. It’s extremely versatile in terms of use, yet it maintains a high degree of reliability and relevance for pretty much […]